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 Did SizeGenetics Work?


 My Sixth and Final Month with SizeGenetics by Frank

Finally after six long months, I was able to take that SizeGenetics extender off of my penis for the last time! I don’t have to worry about wearing the SizeGenetics anymore!  I will be able to sleep on my stomach again without squishing my penis or something.  Melanie will now stop teasing me about what she calls my “penis grower” and I can just do my daily activities without worrying about the SizeGenetics extender. I guess I have to say I really have gotten used to it after six months, I mean I was able to do everything with it on.

What happened to my penis was just plain great. I just didn’t grow an inch but my penis became longer for 1 and 3/16 inches! That’s just FRICKING amazing! All that scepticism I had six months ago about the SizeGenetics extender program has now vanished because going from 6 inches to an awesome 7 and 3/16 inches is no joke. I think I’m very satisfied with the outcome but I’m not going to try to make my penis any longer. My penis only grew 9/16 of an inch in Girth, but I am very happy with the outcome.

I stopped doing the exercises also, however I am going to keep on with the pills, they are nothing short of amazing for me with the increased recovery rate and my libido just is as strong as when I was 18. I think I have enough for another 2 months anyways. Keeping up with the SizeGenetics program for six months is already quite an accomplishment for me. Staying on to something for that long is not really what I usually do. I will say the gradual increases definitely helped me stay the course. I’m happy now after I spent the $300 on the SizeGenetics program over six months ago, I would of paid 5 times that for an inch gain in a heartbeat.


Did the Jelqing  Exercises Help?

The jelquing exercises were the part of the program that really pissed me off. Two months after I was into the program, I started hating the exercises but I couldn’t stop because I promised myself to finish the program no matter what. Those exercises bored me to death and I thought at first that those exercises were useless – that the stretching of the skin on my penis did nothing in my opinion.

But now, I think those pulling and tugging really paid off. I think the whole SizeGenetics program led my penis to be 1 and 3/16 inches longer. I really can’t complain about that. I’m not planning to use the SizeGenetics anymore at the moment, but in the future I just might get ready for another 6 month of wearing the extender again. If I do decide to go for it though, I would still do exactly what the SizeGenetics program recommends including all those boring exercises.


Last Words for my SizeGenetics Final Month

The SizeGenetics program is not for someone who can’t wait for his penis to get larger in time. One really has to have patience in using SizeGenetics extender. It took me three months before I saw any real change in length that was significant enough for me to say that my penis was getting longer. But right from the start, I have noticed that my penis was meatier, heavier, and the pills helped with being harder and increasing my sex drive even though the measurements did not really agree.

Waiting for six months to have a penis that is 1 and 3/16 inches longer is very fine by me. But if you are not cool with that, you might want to try some other products. I have to tell you though, that a penis over 7 inches long is already more than enough and that brought me unquestionable satisfaction and self esteem

 I’m still smiling until now. I just can’t take it off of my face. The mere fact that my penis grew this long is really satisfying that it turns me on and it does Melanie too. I must say good luck to all that give it a try and stick with it! That’s the most important thing. Don’t get discouraged and you could see great results like I did or even better. To all my readers  Thank you all for your Emails, encouraging words and Support, I must say it really helped me keep going when I was at my wits end. So Frank Signing off, my six months with SizeGenetics is over.

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