There are different ways to enlarge your penis

bgrhungunderware1 There are different ways to enlarge your penisThere are different ways to enlarge your penis. One of the most common ways is to do penis exercises. There are several penis exercises that you can do to enlarge your penis in a simple way.

One very important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you do not perform penis exercises everyday because your penis, just like your entire body, also needs rest from time to time. Daily penis exercises can bring more harm than good. You may be getting bad results if you do it everyday. Your penis is very important so you have to take care of it. Do not rush doing these penis exercises even if you are in a hurry to enlarge your penis. Slow down and give it some time.

The first type of penis exercise you can do is the PC flex. The pubococcygeus muscle, or the PC muscle, is found between the pubic bone and the coccyx or the tail bone where it supports the organs around the pelvis. Doing the PC flex can give you stronger and better erections, which can lead to a larger penis. The main objective of this penis exercise is to make the PC muscle stronger. You can start by doing this penis exercise for just about 15 minutes, then you slowly increase the amount of time you spend doing PC flex until you reach 30 minutes, which is the maximum time you can perform this penis exercise.

To do the PC flex, you have to sit down first with a straight back. Then stimulate an erection by stroking your penis until it is almost fully erect. Once you have a full erection, tense your muscles abruptly. You will see your penis jumps for about a few seconds at this point. This is considered just 1 repetition and you can do about 50-100 repetitions if you are just a beginner. This penis exercise will get more blood flow for the penis, therefore increasing the width.

Another penis exercise that you can try is the penis stretching. Grab your penis and form an O using your thumb and index finger. Then slowly stretch your penis and hold it for up to 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, you can let go and do another stretch in different directions. Just make sure that you massage your penis gently right after every stretch. You can use a paper towel to improve your grip on your penis. Do not stretch your penis too much as it will cause pain.

The last type of penis exercise How to Enlarge Your Penis Using Simple Penis Exercises

that will be discussed here is the jelq exercise. It is crucial to warm your penis up before doing the jelqing so as to avoid any injury. Again, stimulate an erection manually until you achieve about 80 percent firmness. Simply wrap your hands around your penis then slowly move the grip toward your penis head. This will push the blood toward the glans or simply your penis head. Do this for about 25 repetition during the first week swapping hands after each repetition. Increase the number every week until you are able to do 200 repetitions. Just like in stretching, massage your penis gently right after every jelq.

Warming up is applicable to all the penis exercises mentioned above. It is suggested that you wrap your penis with a warm towel or take a hot bath right after every round of penis exercise. This way you will be able to enlarge your penis safely.

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