Jelquing Ultimate Jelq Video Exercise

Jelquing Ultimate Jelq VideoJelquing Ultimate Jelq Video


Jelquing Ultimate Jelq Video Instructions

Steps Instructions

1. Warm up using the steps on our penis enlargement exercise warm up page.

2. Gently rub the shaft of your penis (use lubrication) until it’s 60-80% erect.

3. Using the thumb and index finger of your right hand, grab the base of your penis firmly. Your thumb and finger should make an "OK" sign around the base.

4. With a tight hold, move your thumb and index finger slowly toward the tip of your penis. It’ll look like you’re milking it. This step should only take 3 seconds.

5. While still gripping the head of your penis with your right thumb and finger, make an "OK" sign with your left thumb and index finger. Wrap it tightly around the base of your penis. Use your left hand to repeat the milking motion of your right hand. As your left hand reaches the tip, remove your right hand from your penis.

6. Repeat steps 3 through 5, alternating the milking motion with your right and left hands. Do this exercise for 5 minutes (approximately 50 strokes for each hand).


 Jelquing Ultimate Jelq Video Helpful Notes

Helpful notes for the Jelquing Ultimate Jelq Video :Use lubrication to warm up. Do NOT do this exercise with a full erection. Doing so could result in vein damage. Maintain a grip that is tight without feeling uncomfortable. Gripping too tightly can result in bruises and ruptures in the blood vessels of your penis. The "OK" sign that you make should fully constrict the blood from escaping your penis. Maintain ejaculatory control. If the urge to ejaculate become too strong, stop the exercise until you regain control. Also Try The One Handed Jelq Technique.  Thank You for Visiting the  Jelquing Ultimate Jelq Video.

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